What are you looking for?

I’m a highly trained, well educated, deeply experienced psychic medium.

Together, you and I can connect in person or on the phone with your guides, teachers, Deep Ancestors, Angels or family members In Spirit to explore your questions about Life, Death, and everything in between.

During our session a portal is opened, a connection is made, and your life begins to change.

My clients tend to be people who are -

  • wondering about their life/career direction, or
  • wanting to make contact with their Dearly Departed, or
  • are in the process of waking up to their higher consciousness and are seeking guidance.

My psychic technique is not where you sit passively as I bestow information on you. Rather it is a dynamic co-mingling of energies that allows us access to the Larger Universe of knowledge and insight so as to foster growth, healing, and accelerate development.

My most satisfied clients are those people who utilize the information they’ve gained through our sessions, integrate the insights, and open themselves up to processing the influx of higher vibrational energies. As development occurs, we often re-connect to go deeper, higher, wider in our search for growth, always aligning perfectly with the appropriate level of intensity as is determined by Universal Law.

My clients know that I am a trusted resource and guide in areas both practical and metaphysical. They know that I’m equally adept at recommending a healer, a course of study, or assistance with a Family Home Burial.

My services are offered to those who seek deep knowing. Who are committed to growth. Who are willing to open, stretch, wonder and explore.